Defendant held on large bond after alleged long-term sex crimes

Defendant held on large bond after alleged long-term sex crimes

A man from Elkton, Maryland, is being held on a $500,000 bound after he
was arrested for allegations of sexual abuse. The defendant, age 46, is
facing a dozen charges related to
sex crimes, including rape, assault and sex abuse of a minor. He is accused of sexually
assaulting three young girls over a period of more than a decade.

Official reports show that an investigation into the matter began on Sept.
8, when an adult woman told police officers that the man had been sexually
abusing her for at least a year. However, the man had apparently become
more aggressive since late August. Two other women were eventually called
in to bring reports against the man; they claimed that he also assaulted
them while they were still minors. One woman said the sex acts only stopped
in May, while she was still a juvenile. The final victim said that the
man had molested her on several occasions during a seven-year span.

The victims report that they attempted to evade the man’s advances.
In some cases, they dissuaded him through verbal warnings. However, these
victims allege that the man had become increasingly more physical, leading
to more serious sexual assault charges.

It is not clear whether this defendant has a criminal history related to
sex crimes. If so, it would make sense that the man is being held on a
larger bail amount. Criminal defendants should be made aware that their
past sex crimes could have a significant bearing on any future allegations
or violations. These past violations could affect bail amounts, sentencing
protocols and a variety of other aspects of a defendant’s current
criminal case.

Source: Cecil Whig, “Elkton-area man held on $500K bond after sex offense charges” Carl Hamilton, Sep. 11, 2014