Former Governor’s grandson facing drug charges for heroin

Former Governor’s grandson facing drug charges for heroin

A relative of the former Maryland Governor Harry Hughes is facing serious
criminal allegations after he allegedly stole hundreds of thousands of
dollars to pay for his drug habit. The young man, Hughes’ grandson,
is accused of
drug offenses including possession and distribution of heroin. The 26-year-old was apprehended
in connection with a major heroin trafficking operation on the Eastern
Shore of the state.

Official reports indicate that about 20 people have been arrested in connection
with the operation, though authorities say that number is expected to
grow. The arrests are part of a concerted effort to prevent the flow of
heroin and other controlled substances through the Eastern Shore, which
is generally considered a “quiet area.” In all, Hughes’
grandson is facing 20 criminal counts, including possessing and distributing
narcotics, along with theft and obtaining property from a vulnerable adult.
The young man is accused of stealing about $250,000 from his grandfather
to pay for his purchases.

However, Hughes adamantly denies that his grandson took the money; reporters
say that the man gave his grandson permission to use his ATM card. The
grandson is also accused of accepting checks from his relative and then
using the money to further his drug crimes. The 26-year-old is not considered
a kingpin in the case, though authorities say they have apprehended several
others thought to be instrumental in running the heroin trafficking operation.

Famous people and their relatives are certainly not exempt from being charged
with drug offenses and other violations. The simple fact that the spotlight
is upon this young man does not mean that he is considered guilty by default.
Every criminal defendant accused of drug possession or intent to distribute
deserves to have his or her rights protected in criminal court.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Former Gov. Hughes’ grandson charged in heroin ring” Jean Marbella, Sep. 10, 2014