Is there any defense to a domestic violence protective order?

Is there any defense to a domestic violence protective order?

It may seem as though individuals facing domestic violence charges have
few defense options. The alleged victim has given his or her version of
events to the police and the police may have arrested you. You may be
unable to return to your home, retrieve your belongings or even see your children.

All is not lost, because at The Law Offices of James E Crawford Jr &
Associates LLC, we have a lot of experience in
domestic violence defense strategies. This includes providing representation during a hearing for a permanent
protection order.

Judges in Baltimore, Maryland, only hear from one side during a hearing
for a temporary protective order. Two weeks after that hearing is when
the hearing for the permanent protection order is held. We can help the
court see why the charges or claims of the alleged victim are incorrect.
When a permanent protective order is not issued, you will be able to return
to your home in most cases.

Domestic abuse charges have serious consequences; however, so do permanent
protective orders. We understand how emotional these proceedings can become
for the parties, and will work diligently to ensure that you are not the
target of revenge or another ulterior motive. In many cases, these types
of cases are used during divorce or child custody hearings in order to
give the alleged victim a better chance of a positive outcome.

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