Judge’s ruling in alleged sex crimes case will allow two trials

Judge’s ruling in alleged sex crimes case will allow two trials

Baltimore, Maryland, prosecutors had a motion denied that asked for two
alleged sex crimes charges to be tried together against a convicted sex
offender. This is a big win for the defense, as the judge said that allowing
charges from a 2007 case and current charges to be tried together could
make jurors prejudicial.

The 37-year-old man is accused of breaking into homes and
sexually assaulting women. Since 2010, the man has been on trial four times, with jurors finding
him not guilty each time on the most serious charges. The man’s
defense is that the encounters were consensual.

The new state’s attorney for Maryland has used this case to highlight
the prosecution’s inability to get a conviction. She wants new legislation
that allows prosecutors to use evidence gathered in previous child sexual
assault and serial rape cases to try cases together.

The prosecution tried to prove that the two cases against the women were
related through the use of a cellphone from the second woman’s house.
Allegedly, it had a phone number in it that police could associate with
the accused man’s sister. The judge ruled the evidence was not enough
to join the two cases into one trial.

As you can see, it is possible for those accused of very serious crimes
to present a successful defense. An experienced criminal defense attorney
can provide more information about defense strategies, including the re-examination
of evidence, speaking with possible witnesses and looking at police and
booking reports.

Law-enforcement will work diligently, as will the prosecution, to determine
who is guilty and who is not. Countering such action is necessary to avoid
convictions or even minimal conviction.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Baltimore prosecutors dealt setback in latest case against sex offender” Justin Fenton, Feb. 18, 2015