Man potentially transmits HIV and faces 18 months in prison

Man potentially transmits HIV and faces 18 months in prison

If you had a serious transmittable disease such as HIV or AIDS, you’d
probably want to make sure other people didn’t get it from you.
With medical advances, the drugs you take may be able to help reduce the
risk of transmission, but if there’s any risk, should you have to
tell the people you have sexual relationships with about your disease?

In a case involving a Virginia man with HIV who had traveled to Bethesda,
Maryland, police are claiming that the man was attempting to transfer
HIV to two women he had unprotected sex with after they met at a local
bar. He has now been sentenced to 18 months in prison, because Maryland’s
laws make it a misdemeanor for anyone with HIV to knowingly transfer the
disease to someone else.

In the man’s defense, it was argued that he was on a drug that made
the chance of transmission slim to impossible. Neither women have tested
positive for the disease, and also in his defense, neither requested the
use of a condom, which could prevent the
transmission of HIV.

In the man’s past, two women claimed that the man had non-consensual
sex with them; although this was brought up in court, it’s important
to note that he was only accused and never prosecuted for those alleged crimes.

The 28-year-old man now has taken the blame for this incident. He’ll
likely spend up to 18 months in prison for failing to tell the women about
his disease, despite the fact that AIDS advocates think it’s harmful
for those with HIV and AIDS to have to disclose their status with others
and making it a felony — or misdemeanor in Maryland’s case
— if they do not.

Source:, “Man in Bethesda HIV Case Sentenced to Prison,” Deb Belt, March. 30, 2015