Man with HIV sentenced to 18-months for not telling sex partners

Man with HIV sentenced to 18-months for not telling sex partners

A Bethesda, Maryland, judge has sentenced a 28-year-old man to 18 months
in jail on a charge of reckless endangerment. The man pleaded guilty earlier
this month to the charge.

The charge stemmed from the man, who has HIV, having sex with two women
without telling them about his HIV status. He told the court that the
drugs he was taking for HIV would have made it highly unlikely that he
would have transmitted the disease. Both women have since tested negative for HIV.

The prosecutor maintains that the man did not give the women a choice if
they wanted to have sex with him, although there were never any charges
filed along that line. He will not have to register as a
sex offender, and he has been charged with similar offenses in the Richmond area.

The judge gave the man 157 days credit for the time he has already spent
in jail, but his parents had begged the judge to let him go with the time
he already served.

When charged with a crime that garners a lot of media attention, it can
seem as though you are already convicted. However, it’s important
to remember that anyone charged with a crime has the right to a fair and
impartial trial by a judge or jury. In addition, an appeal is also your
right if there is an unfavorable outcome in your case.

A criminal defense attorney can explain more about how your case will proceed
and what he or she needs from you. In addition, your attorney may be able
to limit the media exposure in your case.

Source:, “Henrico man sentenced in HIV case involving 2 Md. women,” March. 30, 2015