Maryland’s Project Safe Childhood

Maryland’s Project Safe Childhood

When someone is charged with a sex crime, there is a certain stigma that
occurs. When a minor is the alleged victim, this stigma is even worse.
Many times, the media can “crucify” someone before a trial
has even started. This is why it is so important to have an experienced
Maryland criminal defense attorney by your side. He or she will work vigorously
to ensure that your rights are protected, but also to give you advice
on how to deal with difficulties that such charges can bring to your work,
home and social lives.

Maryland’s Project Safe Childhood is a strategy to combat online
child abuse and exploitation. It utilizes a team effort among federal,
state and local law enforcement agencies, as well as civic organizations,
educators, parents, community activists and concerned citizens.

One of the reasons why the federal authorities and state and local authorities
work so closely together is to allow all of the law enforcement agencies
to pool their resources and intelligence. This also allows for cases to
be filed in the jurisdiction that will result in the largest, longest
penalties upon conviction.

The District of Maryland has worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigations
and Homeland Security Investigations to create many initiatives to stop
child exploitation. The Innocent Images program, which is an FBI program,
targets individuals who produce child pornography of child sexual abuse
as well as convicted sex offenders who commit new offenses.

Another initiative, Operation Predator, focuses on arresting individuals
who travel to other countries to have sex with children and minors and
child sex traffickers, just to name a few. This initiative is overseen by HSI.

These programs have been developed to protect children in Maryland and
across the country. However, it is important to remember that no matter
what crime someone is charged with, he or she has the right to a fair
and impartial trial and the presumption of innocence until — and
only if — he or she is convicted. An experienced criminal defense
attorney can help ensure that the rights of an individual are protected
when he or she is facing such charges.

Source: The United States Attorney’s Office, District of Maryland, “Project Safe Childhood” Jan. 11, 2015