Murder allegedly committed by solider from Maryland

Murder allegedly committed by solider from Maryland

A 20-year-old solider was stationed at Fort Meade, a base in Maryland,
but he was given time off for leave, and he used it to go see his girlfriend.
The problem was that the girl was only 14 years old, and the girl’s
mother did not approve of the older man dating her daughter. She tried
to split the couple up.

In retaliation, the solider allegedly stabbed her multiple times. Some
of the stab wounds were to her neck, killing her. Other wounds were found
on her hands, showing that she had done what she could to fend him off
during the attack. That assault happened in a vehicle, and the 14-year-old
girl apparently saw what was happening — police say she was in the
car — and did nothing.

After her mother had been killed, authorities say that she then assisted
her boyfriend in moving the body and burying it. They took it a couple
miles away, went down a rural road and tried to hide it. Additionally,
they bought cleaning supplies at a Wal-Mart to try to remove the evidence.

The man has been arrested, and the girl has been sent to a juvenile detention
center. Reports claim that she is sad and remorseful, and that she misses
her mother.

Cases involving
juveniles, especially those who could be under the influence of older adults, can
be very complicated. It’s important to make sure that the rights
of minors are always protected, even when violent crimes are committed.
If you or a juvenile in your family is facing charges, make sure you understand
these rights and the legal options.

Source: The Morning Call, “DA: Upper Macungie mom murdered by daughter’s boyfriend” Laurie Mason Schroeder, Manuel Gamiz Jr. and Matt Coughlin, Mar. 16, 2015