The consequences of a protective order in Baltimore

The consequences of a protective order in Baltimore

Domestic violence is a hot issue right now, especially with several professional
athletes accused of various domestic abuse crimes. In Baltimore, Maryland,
and throughout the U.S., protective orders are granted that keep alleged
abusers away from victims.

While there is a need for protective orders in many cases, a problem can
arise when the allegations against someone are false. Because the judge
will only hear one side of the story, the respondent — the person
who is served the order of protection — won’t have a chance
to provide his or her version of events. It usually takes about two more
weeks for a follow-up court hearing where the respondent or his or her
attorney can speak in front of the judge.

There are some severe consequences that can quickly arise when an
order of protection is filed against you. Here are just a few:

— You can no longer own a gun or ammunition.

— If you and the victim live together, you must move out of your home.

— If you are currently in the midst of a divorce or child custody
matter, there could be negative consequences.

— If you violate the order of protection, you will be arrested. If
convicted, you will have a criminal record.

— In some cases, the order of protection or conviction for violating
that order could cost you your job.

As you can see, there are many things to consider if you are served with
an order of protection or charged with domestic abuse. Our website provides
more information on domestic violence and abuse defense. Please take a
few moments to review it and call The Law Offices of James E. Crawford
Jr & Associates LLC to learn more.