What is the Juvenile Drug Court program in Baltimore?

What is the Juvenile Drug Court program in Baltimore?

In Baltimore, law enforcement may use a special program called the Juvenile
Drug Court for offenders who are under the age of 17.5 years old. The
goal of the program is to both cut back on criminal activity and to reduce
the usage of drugs by those who are dependent upon them.

Overall, the system works to help people defeat their addictions. This
is done in many ways, including supervising those with a history of drug
use very closely. Also, people in the program are allowed to use various
services that are set up for their benefit, giving them the tools that
they need to deal with addiction.

On top of that, rewards are given out to those who are successful as a
way of encouraging them to keep moving forward with this positive behavior.

At the beginning of the program, reviews are going to be done before the
court every two weeks. As the participants move through the program, the
reviews do continue, but they decrease in frequency so that they are only
being used once each month.

Not everyone will be accepted to this program. For example, those who have
committed violent crimes are not eligible. Additionally, no one who is
younger than 13 or older than 17 and a half can enter. This is also only
a program that is open to people who are Baltimore residents.

If you have been given a drug charge, you should know about the Juvenile
Drug Court program, as well as all of your other options. Make sure that
you know what rights you have and what legal options exist.

Source: The Maryland Judiciary, “A Registry of Juvenile Court Program Initiatives 2013” Jan. 01, 2015