Driver ordered held without bond after violent crime kills 2

Driver ordered held without bond after violent crime kills 2

A 28-year-old female driver who was accused of running over three victims
in Baltimore, Maryland, is being held without bond after a recent bail
hearing. The woman allegedly committed the violent crime on May 27 as
she intentionally plowed into three pedestrians, two of which were children.
She is accused of murder, attempted murder and other related crimes.

Official reports show that the woman got into an argument with an adult
woman who was walking with her two children. The defendant then apparently
got into her car and drove into the group. The older woman and a 2-year-old
boy died in the incident. A 7-year-old girl suffered injuries in the crash.

This is not the defendant’s first run-in with the law; at the time
of the fatal crash, she was apparently out on a $100,000 bond after facing
charges that she attacked a pre-teen girl. That incident occurred when
the woman, along with two other relatives, allegedly attacked a child
who had a conflict with her daughter. Even though the woman has a child
and ties to the community, she has been denied bond in this case because
of the serious nature of the murder charges.

The criminal defendant in this case is facing charges in criminal court
because of the existing assault charges, but she is also accused of the
more serious violent crimes of murder and attempted murder. Defendants
who are facing multiple offenses, such as this woman, need a different
legal strategy than someone without a criminal past. This is particularly
true of those who have been denied bond, as they may have limited access
to legal resources while they are behind bars. An arrest for violent crimes
does not mean that the defendant is automatically guilty.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Woman charged with running down three is held without bail” Justin Fenton, May. 30, 2014