Drug charges for ex-Harford councilman result in $20,000 bail

Drug charges for ex-Harford councilman result in $20,000 bail

An ex-Harford, Maryland, councilman is facing charges for multiple drug
crimes. It isn’t his first run-in with law enforcement, either.
He was arrested in 2012 for various DWI-related charges. The 45-year-old
man recently appeared in front of a Harford County circuit court judge
after a grand jury indicted him on four drug charges.

Those charges were for felony possession of drugs with intent to distribute,
a felony for keeping and maintaining a common nuisance, a misdemeanor
charge of possession of marijuana and a misdemeanor charge of
drug paraphernalia. According to prosecutors, the former councilman was in possession of
seven bags of marijuana, with a combined weight of about two and one-quarter
pounds. The drugs were found in a home in Darlington, Maryland, by investigators
with the Harford County Task Force. According to court records, the house
where the drugs were found is not the same as the one listed as the man’s
home address.

The man’s attorney asked for him to be released on his own recognizance,
pointing out that his client turned himself in to authorities after the
indictment came down. The judge, however, was not swayed by the former
councilman’s ties to the community because this arrest violated
his probation from the 2012 DWI conviction. His bail was set at $20,000.
He must post 10 percent in order to be released.

When facing serious drug charges, it’s important to have an experienced
criminal defense attorney by your side. You will need a sound defense
strategy that is based on challenging the evidence, including police reports,
witness statements and more.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Former Harford councilman facing marijuana charges” David Anderson, The Aegis, Nov. 25, 2014