DUI charges for driver in deadly crash

DUI charges for driver in deadly crash

In Maryland, the Anne Arundel County Police have announced that a man will
be given DUI charges for his part in a deadly accident. A woman died in
the crash, and she was from Mississippi. She was a passenger in the car,
which was only involved in a single-vehicle accident.

According to the police, the vehicle was traveling down Solley Road, heading
north, just before the accident. They say that, as it neared Chestnut
Springs Lane, the car moved out of its own lane and went over the centerline.
While it did not collide with vehicles in the other lane, it went off
of the road, smashed into a sign and then slammed into a tree.

The intersection in question is located in Glen Burnie. The car was a 2005
Honda Civic.

Police have said that the two factors that they suspect were involved in
the accident were the
alcohol that the 29-year-old man had consumed before getting behind the wheel
and the fact that he was speeding. The accident took place right around 2:30 a.m.

The woman, who was 21 years old at the time of the accident, did not make
it to a hospital, but died from head injuries at the crash site. Reports
show that the driver who is now being charged was not hurt in the crash.

Charges like this go beyond simple DUI charges that can spring up through
a traffic stop, so it is crucial that all people who are facing such charges
know exactly what rights they have and what they should do, legally speaking,
as the case progresses.

Source: Anne Arundel Patch, “Woman Killed in Crash; Driver Charged with DUI” Deb Belt, Dec. 02, 2014