Felonies and your rights as the accused in Maryland

Felonies and your rights as the accused in Maryland

Felonies are the most serious of all crimes in Maryland. If you’re
charged with a felony, it’s likely that you will need to defend
yourself and your actions in court. Felonies are split into different
classes, making it possible for you to face a different number of penalties
and punishments based on the class your crime falls in. If this is not
your first offense, you may be punished more severely than if it was your
first offense.

Felonies are addressed in one of three ways. You could face fines that
you’ll have to pay back, you could have to go to prison or jail,
or your could have to pay fines and go to prison. The circumstances of
your crime will determine which of these outcomes is most likely.

Felonies, which include crimes such as burglary, rape, robbery, arson,
murder, treason, kidnapping, and terrorism, are usually considered to
be moral crimes, although there are times when crimes like drinking and
driving can become a felony as well.

A felony is typically defined by the length of time a person has to be
incarcerated and by where the person has to stay during that incarceration.
For example, if you committed a crime and were told you would serve time
in the county jail, you would likely have a misdemeanor. If you had to
go to a state prison, it’s more likely that you were charged with a felony.

If you’re facing a felony crime, prison and fines can seem overwhelming.
With the right help, you may be able to work out a settlement or plea
agreement that keeps you out of prison or reduces your sentence.