Felony for Maryland man leads to 30-year sentence

Felony for Maryland man leads to 30-year sentence

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The news reports that one man, a former employee of Amherst County Schools,
has pleaded guilty to eight felony charges for child pornography and sexual
offenses against three girls in Nelson County.

The 57-year-old from Maryland faced three dozen sex-related charges against
children under the age of 13. He entered a guilty plea, and because of
that, the remaining charges weren’t prosecuted. The judge in the
court ruled that the man should spend 30 years in prison for two counts
of the production of child pornography. He also sentenced the man to 30
additional years on six charges of object sexual penetration. That time
was suspended, since the man had entered into a plea agreement.

The news claims that the man had sexually molested children, and their
parents turned over a laptop with several hard drives that the man had
left behind at a local church. When a search warrant was obtained, the
police claim they found videos showing the man participating in sexual
acts with the three girls who were allegedly molested.

According to the sentencing, the man has to register as a sex offender
and have no contact with the victims or their families when he is released
from prison. The agreement was allegedly proposed after the families agreed
on the terms. Because of the terms of the agreement, the children will
not have to testify in court.

Source: The News & Advance, “Man sentenced to 30 years on Nelson County sex charges” Justin Faulconer, Jun. 24, 2014