Man accused of violent crime after shooting victim in car

Man accused of violent crime after shooting victim in car

Authorities have charged a Maryland man with shooting another male victim
in a grocery store parking lot. The 26-year-old man is accused of committing
the violent crime inside the victim’s vehicle. Reports show that
the defendant’s two young children may have been in the vehicle
with the man at the time of the shooting.

Authorities say that the defendant admitted to officers that he had shot
the victim in the late-morning altercation on June 26. The defendant is
accused of shooting a 46-year-old man in the head while he was sitting
in the passenger seat of a vehicle. It appears that the vehicle did not
belong to the victim.

<p>The defendant initially told officers that the victim had attempted
to rob him. That man said that the victim was shot when the pair began
to struggle over a gun. The man then told officers that he subsequently
removed the children from the vehicle before throwing the gun he used
into the trash. However, the defendant’s children told authorities
that their father shot the victim because the other man owed him a debt.
A witness said that she heard a firearm discharge in the parking lot,
and shortly thereafter a man and his two children emerged from the vehicle.
Authorities arrived before the man could flee the scene.</p>

Even though the defendant in this case is facing serious charges —
first-degree attempted murder and other allegations — he still deserves
the full protection of an unbiased court system. No matter the nature
of the charges, every criminal defendant has a right to a fair proceeding
to determine penalties, even in the event of a criminal conviction. The
fact that someone is facing murder charges does not mean that one is automatically
considered guilty.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Police: Suspect shot man in front of own children,” June 27, 2014.