Maryland man charged after knowingly exposing 2 women to HIV

Maryland man charged after knowingly exposing 2 women to HIV

A man who is infected with HIV is facing charges after having sex with
two women and the prosecutor believes there may be more victims. According
to the prosecutor from Montgomery County, “Our concern, quite frankly,
is that he is a serial offender in that he continues to engage in this
behavior with numerous victims in Maryland as well as Virginia.”

While that was what the prosecutor told the judge, the man’s attorney
and mother had a different view. They believe that the man “should
be considered safe.” The man, who is a recovering alcoholic, is
currently attending Alcoholics Anonymous but had two months where he consumed
a lot of alcohol.

The man met the two women at a bar in Bethesda, Maryland, but on different
nights. Neither woman was in court, but it appears that both women are
taking HIV-prevention medicine. One woman found medical records in the
defendant’s bag that showed he was HIV positive. The man faces nine
counts of
transferring or attempting to transfer HIV.

The judge did grant the man bond — $5,000 — but there are several
conditions. He can only leave to attend AA meetings, treatment or to see
his attorney. He must stay at his mother’s house and is not allowed
to have contact with any women who are not related to him.

If you are facing similar charges, it’s important to contact a skilled
and experienced attorney as soon as possible to develop your defense to
the charges. These types of allegations can destroy your personal and
professional life, as well as carry substantial penalties. Your attorney
can provide advice on how to proceed with such a case.

Source: The Washington Post, “Prosecutors say Montgomery man with HIV may be a serial offender” Dan Morse, Oct. 27, 2014