Maryland man faces weapons charges after point-blank shooting

Maryland man faces weapons charges after point-blank shooting

A Maryland man who apparently was attempting a stunt with a bulletproof
vest is facing serious charges after he allegedly shot and killed his
friend. The man, age 30, is facing weapons charges in addition to accusations
of violent crimes, including first- and second-degree murder. The man
and his friend may have been attempting a stunt in the style of the popular
television show “Jackass,” according to officials.

News reports indicate that video of the incident exists, as the friends
were recording their supposed stunts. First, the decedent was ‘dared’
to lick a toilet, which he reportedly did. Before the shooting, the victim
said he was prepared to take a shot in the chest because of the bulletproof
vest. However, the prank turned deadly when the defendant apparently missed
the vest, causing catastrophic injuries and allegedly causing the man’s death.

Attorneys for the defendant say that he did not have any malicious feelings
toward the victim. However, the defendant was ordered to be held without
bail, as a judge determined that the alleged crime constituted “dangerous
behavior.” The man was characterized as a reckless person who posed
a serious danger to the outside community.

Still, attorneys in the case say there is some legal precedent for this
type of stunt-related death. In another state, a defendant accused of
a similar violation was only charged with involuntary manslaughter. The
man’s lawyers say that the incident was fueled by the use of alcohol
and drugs, and it should not warrant such serious allegations.

Criminal defendants facing murder charges must proceed with care and thoughtful
legal strategy, as these allegations are extremely serious. No matter
the relationship of the two parties, allegedly killing another human being
can lead to dire consequences. Those facing homicide charges — no
matter the reason — still deserve the unbiased legal protection
of the American justice system.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Man who killed friend in bullet-proof vest stunt is held without bail” Danae King, Jul. 21, 2014