Maryland part of major traffic operation across 7 states

Maryland part of major traffic operation across 7 states

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A report from June 19 states that seven state police and highway patrol
agencies worked together for three days during Operation Border to Border.
It took place between June 13 and June 15, and it enforced traffic laws
through around 791 miles of U.S. Route 15 and 124 miles of U.S. Route
17. The operation was set into place in order to help prevent traffic
crashes from taking place along the corridor, which typically sees heavy
traffic flow.

This operation was coordinated between seven states including Maryland,
Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia and South Carolina.
The report claims that there were no fatalities during the three-day operation,
and the traffic safety enforcement initiative resulted in 2,399 summonses
and arrests around those seven states. There were also checkpoints put
into place along the roads for sobriety checks and commercial vehicle
inspections, along with other initiatives. Those allegedly helped combat
criminal behavior.

It’s interesting to know that along the stretch of the roads, the
troopers were able to stop 1,122 speeding vehicles and 35 reckless drivers.
There were also 28 felony and misdemeanor arrests, four of which were
drug related. During the initiative, not all stops were for arrests or
checkpoints. Police also worked to help stranded motorists along the roadways.

2014 is the third year for this multi-state enforcement effort. This was
the first year that U.S. Route 17 in Georgia was included.

Source: NBC 29, “Operation Border to Border Yields 2K Traffic Violations” No author given, Jun. 19, 2014