Sentences for various assault crimes in Maryland

Sentences for various assault crimes in Maryland

If you have been accused of the crime of assault in Maryland, you need
to know what legal options you have and how the process is going to work.
At the same time, it is wise to know what types of sentences you could
be facing. This knowledge will allow you and your legal team to seek out
the best possible outcome, and you will know if your sentence —
if one is given out — is fair and just. Below are a few examples.

Assault Due to Attempted Poisoning

This is a felony in Maryland, and it is a Class II crime. The minimum term
is two years behind bars, and the maximum term is 10 years. There is no
set amount that you will be fined.

First-Degree Assault

This is also a felony. There is no minimum term that has been established,
but the maximum term is 25 years in prison. This is considered to be a
Class III crime.

Second-Degree Assault

This crime is not a felony but a misdemeanor. It is a Class V crime. The
maximum sentence that you can get is 10 years in jail. There is also a
fine for $2,500.

Exposing Others to Infectious Diseases

This is something that must be done willfully in order to fall into this
category. If you do, you could be charged with a misdemeanor. This is
a Class VII crime, and there is a fine of $500. You could also get a maximum
sentence of one year in jail. However, a minimum sentence has not been
established under Maryland law.

Source: Maryland State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy, “Sentencing Guidelines Offense Table” Dec. 06, 2014