Sex offender registration in Maryland has a major impact

Sex offender registration in Maryland has a major impact

Being on the sex offender registry in Maryland can cause significant damage
to your reputation. It could even impact your options in the professional
world. That is why it is so important that you know all of the ins and
outs of the law, along with all of your legal options if you are told
that you have to register.

For example, you should know how long you have to be on the registry. This
is something that is determined at the state level, and Maryland has split
things up into three tiers: I, II and III. The first tier means that you
are on the list for 15 years, the second means that you are on it for
25 years, and the third means that you have to
register for life.

The damage to your personal reputation often comes from the fact that you
have to put so much information into the registry, which can then be viewed
by the public as they desire. Your friends and neighbors have easy access
to this, and you will be asked to provide things like:

– Your full name. – Your current address, which has to be updated
if you move. – Your job and the place where you work. – A
current picture of yourself. – When you were convicted. –
What you were convicted of doing. – The vehicle that you drive,
along with the plate number.

As you can see, people can find almost any identifying information on you
that they want, whether they are thinking of moving in next door or hiring
you for a new job. Make sure you know your rights after charges are leveled.

Source: Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, “Sex Offender Registry FAQs” Nov. 23, 2014