The prevalence of drunk driving in Maryland

The prevalence of drunk driving in Maryland

In Maryland, 24,000 drivers have been pulled over and arrested when police
discovered that they were driving under the influence in a single year.
These statistics are for 2008, but those numbers give you a good idea
of the prevalence of these charges — of how often residents just
like yourself face them.

The fact of the matter is that these drivers do not plan to cause problems;
most of them don’t even plan to break the law, and some of them
may not even realize that they are. They just want to go to dinner and
have a drink, or maybe they want to meet up with friends after work for
a few beers.

Part of the problem is that many people have never used a
breathalyzer, so they do not know how much they can have before going over the limit.
They may not even feel drunk at all, but they could still be technically
over the limit. If someone else makes a mistake — running a four-way
stop, for example — and runs into them while they are driving perfectly,
they could still face charges.

As the numbers show, this happens quite often. If it happens to you, there
is nothing more important than staying calm and collected and understanding
what your rights are. You need to know about all of your legal options
and the next steps that should be taken. By calmly working through this,
you put yourself in the best possible position, even though being arrested
can be very jarring.

If you want to find out more about what you should do, we encourage you
to take a look at our page on traffic offenses as soon as you can.