What is the true definition of a DWI offense?

What is the true definition of a DWI offense?

You may have heard the term “drunk driving” in the past, but
do you know the real meaning of driving under the influence? Many Maryland
residents may not know that they are at risk of being charged with
DUI, even if their blood alcohol content measures under the legal limit. All
Maryland drivers need to know about their legal rights and responsibilities
when it comes to allegations of operating under the influence.

What is the definition of drunk driving? In most states, drunk driving
means that the defendant is accused of operating a motor vehicle on a
road while intoxicated because of alcohol or drugs. Even those defendants
whose blood alcohol content level measures less than 0.08 percent may
be charged with a “per se offense” if they were driving erratically
or unsafely.

How do officials determine whether a driver is under the influence? Law
enforcement officers play a big role in this process. These officers can
provide testimony about the driver’s performance on field sobriety
tests. Further, modern police vehicles are more likely to be outfitted
with cameras that capture the entire traffic stop on camera. Officers
also report on the defendant’s physical condition, noting whether
the driver smelled of alcohol or displayed other signs of intoxication.

Does the nature of your vehicle have an impact? In many cases, defendants
face different penalties if their vehicle was off the roadway, or even
if their keys were not in the ignition of the vehicle at the time of the
traffic stop. Further, the operability of the vehicle may be taken into
account; it is unlikely that someone could commit a DUI offense in a vehicle
that cannot be driven!

No matter the nature of your drunk driving charges, the use of an experienced
attorney is always a wise choice. Simply pleading guilty because you do
not understand the DUI system can lead to long-term consequences. Examine
all of your legal options before making a major decision about your future.