Woman faces misdemeanor charges, wanted for warrant in Maryland

Woman faces misdemeanor charges, wanted for warrant in Maryland

This shocking news about a woman being arrested for a misdemeanor is unusual
because it led to an arrest based on a warrant. Police in Columbus, Indiana,
reported that they had stopped a 22-year-old woman on a routine traffic
stop for an equipment violation. At that point, the officers reported
that they could smell marijuana coming from the car, which led them to
investigate the woman further.

After the 22-year-old woman was taken into custody, the police located
a small amount of marijuana in her vehicle. She was arrested on a misdemeanor
charge for the possession of marijuana at that point, but officers looked
further into who she was by checking her driver’s license. When
the license check returned, the officers noted that the woman was wanted
under a no-bond warrant from St. Mary’s County in Maryland.

The woman was wanted on charges of commercial sex and human trafficking.
According to police, the warrant had been issued in 2012 as a result of
an investigation that alleged the woman was part of a prostitution recruiting scheme.

When the warrant was issued, the woman may have still been underage. It
doesn’t seem to have any impact on her current misdemeanor charge
for having marijuana in her vehicle, but both charges could result in
penalties for the woman that could affect her in the long-term.

If you’ve been stopped and arrested based on
misdemeanor drug charges or other misdemeanors, it’s okay to seek a defense and best to do
so. With the right help, you can protect yourself and make sure the courts
and police aren’t biased against you.

Source: WSCSI, “Traffic stop leads to human trafficking arrest” Nov. 20, 2014