Woman gets 5 years for sex crimes after taking pics of girls

Woman gets 5 years for sex crimes after taking pics of girls

A former resident of Bel Air, Maryland, has been sentenced to five years’
prison time after she entered a guilty plea for the distribution of child
pornography. The woman, age 46, was charged in federal court for the
sex crimes, ostensibly because the pornographic material was distributed across state
lines. The woman is accused of taking a series of photographs of two minor
females at the request of her husband at the time.

The couple came under scrutiny after information was submitted in 2012
indicating that the man had illicit videos and images of young children
on his external hard drive at his home. Authorities searched the home
and seized a variety of electronic devices apparently used to perpetrate
the sex crimes. The man had more than 2,000 images and 100 videos of minors
who were engaged in sexual acts, including children that had not yet reached puberty.

Investigators say that the woman took about 50 pictures of the two girls
and then sent them to the man through her cellphone. Those photographs
were taken on at least two separate occasions in late 2008. Those two
girls were reportedly in the care of the couple at the time that the photographs
were taken. Both of the defendants had lived in Bel Air. They have divorced
since the investigation began.

The man in this case was sentenced to 24 years behind bars in federal custody.
The woman, however, received a lighter sentence, likely because of her
plea agreement. Although guilty pleas are useful tools in some sex crimes
criminal defense cases, they are not appropriate for every defendant.
Those accused of such violations should carefully consider all of their
options before making such a choice about their plea.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Former Bel Air resident sentenced for child porn possession” Allan Vought, Jun. 19, 2014