Your rights in Baltimore when accused of violent crimes

Your rights in Baltimore when accused of violent crimes

All people in Baltimore have the fundamental right to a fair trial, regardless
of what types of crimes they have been accused of committing. It does
not matter if you just want to fight a traffic ticket or if you have been
accused of violent crimes like assault or even murder. You still have
this basic right, and it must be upheld. It is critical that you understand
this before a trial begins.

It also does not matter how you arrived at the charges. For example, perhaps
you are facing weapons charges. When most people think about these types
of crimes, they assume that they actually mean gun charges, but this is
simply not the case. You can be given related charges for incidents involving
all manner of items, such as:

– Knives – A baseball bat – A pipe – Nun-chucks
– Brass knuckles – And much more.

When the accusations are leveled, remember not to say anything right at
first. As your Miranda rights state, the things you say can come back
in a trial. You never want to make a statement one way or the other, at
least not until you are sure that you fully understand all of your rights
and your legal options. Even if you know you are innocent, wait until
this time to tell the authorities what happened. This ensures that your
rights are protected the entire time.

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