1 man and 2 women arrested on robbery charges in Maryland

1 man and 2 women arrested on robbery charges in Maryland

Police in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, have taken three individuals into
custody on burglary charges. Allegedly, the involvement of a fourth person
is suspected, but that individual has yet to be apprehended by authorities.
Police say that the alleged home robbery took place in Glen Burnie at
approximately 3 p.m. on a recent Sunday afternoon.

Officers were called to the scene after the robbery was reported to police
by telephone. When police arrived at the front door of the residence,
they allegedly heard the door lock and heard sounds coming from inside.
However, the individuals inside would not open the door, and they refused
to answer officer commands. One man escaped from a window, but police
tracked him down and arrested him. Police then arrested two women who
had been inside the home.

The three arrested individuals are aged 20, 26 and 37. According to authorities,
they will be charged with burglary and drug charges. Police suspect that
the three people were in possession of drugs discovered inside the residence.
Police have obtained a warrant to take the fourth suspect into custody;
however, this individual has yet to be detained.

breaking and entering and robbery charges come with the threat of spending time in jail for
any Maryland resident who is found guilty of such crimes. However, the
accused individuals in this case will have various legal defense options
available to defend themselves against their robbery and drug possession
charges. For example, some Maryland residents accused of crimes may try
to cast a sufficient level of doubt upon the prosecution’s version
of the facts in order to make conviction impossible. Others may choose
to enter into a plea bargain agreement and plead guilty to certain crimes
in order to get a reduction in punishments served. A plea bargain, however,
is not in every defendant’s best interest.

Source: WBALLTV11, “3 arrested in Glen Burnie burglary” Saliqa Khan, Apr. 29, 2014