Cyberbullying a computer crime? Some think so

Cyberbullying a computer crime? Some think so

Cyberbullying is becoming a topic of concern for Maryland families and
others throughout the nation. Until now, though, many of the negative
comments that are sent through the Internet have not been categorized as
computer crimes. Advocates in several states are trying to change that, as youngsters
and adults work together to criminalize cyberbullying in Colorado. This
effort could spill over into other jurisdictions, including Maryland.

A new bill has been introduced in the Colorado legislature that would make
cyberbullying a crime. Lawmakers say they want to protect kids in the
area from online bullies who exploit social media platforms for inflicting
serious distress. Those legislators say that many kids have thought about
suicide because of the impact that cyberbullying has had on their lives.

Although the House has already passed the cyberbullying bill, Senate officials
are still working out the details of their own cyberbullying measure.
That bill will be put to a vote in the near future. Legislators in both
lawmaking bodies say they are attempting to respond to the testimony from
teens and parents, many of whom describe youngsters who suffer serious
emotional problems because of the Internet interactions.

Although cyberbullying has not yet been criminalized in Maryland, it is
possible that such a change may occur, considering the national climate
that surrounds the issue. Criminal defendants who are facing computer
crime allegations may benefit from the assistance of a criminal defense
attorney in Maryland, who can help them learn more about current legal
statutes as they relate to cyberbullying. As technology continues to change
and advance, lawmakers may attempt to keep pace by criminalizing additional
computer activities.

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