DWI patrols stepped up for Super Bowl weekend

DWI patrols stepped up for Super Bowl weekend

Although most of us think of New Year’s Eve as one of the biggest
drunk driving holidays in the early party of the year, officials in Maryland
also launched extra patrols to protect drivers during the Super Bowl.
The patrols in Washington County are designed to preventtraffic offenses related to Super Bowl revelry. Representatives from that jurisdiction
say that their unit receives state funds to step up patrols during the
holidays, including St. Patrick’s Day and events such as the Super Bowl.

In 2011, nearly 10,000 Americans died in alcohol-related crashes. That
is the most recent year with comprehensive transportation statistics available.
Last year, about 6,600 Marylanders were detained for drunk driving. Last
year, troopers in Hagerstown caught 202 of those alleged offenders. Overall,
crashes are far more likely to occur on weekends. Those weekends with
well-known celebrations such as the Super Bowl may promote additional drinking.

Officers throughout the area say that individuals who are hosting Super
Bowl parties can help their guests avoid a DUI charge by taking a few
simple precautions. Those steps can also apply to parties year-round.
Hosts are encouraged to serve non-alcoholic alternative beverages at their
parties. Alcohol should also be cut off at the end of the third quarter
of the came, when coffee and dessert can make an appearance. Hosts should
also pay attention to their guests and take their keys if they have had
too much to drink. Those who are out and about during football season
are encouraged to take a cab or designate a sober driver for the evening.

Increased patrols on celebration weekends may lead to higher arrest numbers
for Marylanders facing DUI charges. Those defendants may benefit from
consulting with a qualified DUI attorney. A qualified lawyer can help
defendants learn more about their legal rights.

Source: Herald Mail Media, “Washington County steps up patrols to catch drunken drivers over Super
Bowl weekend
” Dan Dearth, Jan. 31, 2014