Experts: Computer crimes will rise without security measures

Experts: Computer crimes will rise without security measures

Computer security experts who analyzed the recent cyber intrusion against
retail giant Target during the holiday season say that such Internet crimes
are likely to become more common. A growing number of industry professionals
say that alleged computer criminals are becoming more tech-savvy than
ever. People who commit
computer crimes are more likely to break through the outdated computer security systems
used by U.S. companies. The hackers that struck Target during the holiday
season made off with 40 million card numbers. About 70 million customers’
personal information was also pilfered in that attack, with some Maryland
residents affected.

Analysis shows that only about one in 10 businesses in the U.S. are prepared
to foil cybercrime with industry standard security measures. Some have
even criticized those protections, saying the industry’s best practices
guidelines do not provide adequate shielding against aggressive computer
crime and identity theft. Researchers say that a growing number of criminal
defendants are likely to surface as more people attempt to bypass archaic
security systems. To truly protect themselves, most retailers would have
to enforce rigid security systems that involve complicated protections
against sensitive data. That could mean that credit card information would
be held on embedded computer chips instead of the black magnetic tape
found on most domestic charge cards.

Statistics show that cybercrime is increasing in popularity, with a 26
percent increase in 2012 alone. American companies lose more than $11
million annually because of identity theft and other types of cybercrime.
Some experts seem to believe that cybercrime will only continue to increase
until better protections are implemented throughout the industry.

Criminal defendants who are accused of cybercrime may benefit from consulting
a Maryland attorney to learn more about their legal options. Although
computer crimes may be increasingly sophisticated, investigators still
attempt to bring charges against Maryland residents. A criminal defense
attorney may provide clients with additional protection during courtroom

Source: Newsmax, “Experts: Hackers Outsmarting Outdated Retailer Security” Melissa Clyne, Feb. 10, 2014