Former rock DJ facing probation revocation for recent DUI

Former rock DJ facing probation revocation for recent DUI

A local celebrity has found himself in trouble with the law again after allegedly violating his probation for a 2012 drunk-driving conviction. The man, known by the nickname “Stash,” had been a well-known personality on 98 Rock radio in Maryland. That man is now facing a new DUI charge and a probation revocation after an alleged drunk driving incident in early February.

Official reports show that the man had served time after pleading guilty to driving under the influence in October 2012. He was required to serve a six-month jail term before being placed on three years’ supervised release. Five people were injured in that July 2012 wreck, which occurred on Route 24 near I-95 in Abingdon, Maryland. The defendant was convicted of the DUI charge and lost his job at the radio station.

Now, the defendant is facing probation revocation because of the latest DUI charge. Authorities say that the man was arrested on Feb. 3 on Route 22. The driver was also accused of speeding and failing to outfit his vehicle with a required ignition interlock device. Those devices are required for some drivers who are convicted of operating under the influence; they analyze motorists’ breath samples to make sure they are not intoxicated behind the wheel.

This is clearly not the first time that the man has been in trouble with the law; he has a criminal record dating back to 2001. Most of those incidents involved drug- or alcohol-related offenses. The defendant has been ordered held without bail because he poses a potential danger to the community, according to a judge.

Criminal defendants with multiple DUI charges may have special needs in a criminal courtroom. Those defendants may benefit from the assistance of a Maryland criminal defense attorney, who can help them learn more about the impact of the DUI charge on their future. An attorney may work to protect clients’ rights throughout criminal proceedings related to probation violation and allegations of driving while intoxicated.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Former 98 Rock DJ ‘Stash’ held without bail in probation violation” David Anderson, Mar. 28, 2014