Man accused of violent crimes against elderly Maryland woman

Man accused of violent crimes against elderly Maryland woman

A Maryland man has been arrested in connection with an alleged attempted
rape and robbery of an elderly woman in Baltimore County. The defendant,
age 50, is accused of perpetrating the violent crimes against a 98-year-old
woman in Rodgers Ford. Authorities say that the defendant is accused of
convincing the woman to allow him into her home by posing as a repair
worker. At that point, he allegedly assaulted and robbed the victim.

The man had reportedly come to the woman’s home twice in the same
day. At first, the woman rebuffed him and said she was not interested
in his services. Hours later, he returned, and the woman allowed him inside
the home. He allegedly threw the woman to the floor, committed the robbery
and attempted to rape the elderly woman after the victim asked him to
leave her house.

The woman suffered a broken hip in the attack. She reportedly used her
medical alert device to notify authorities about the incident. At first,
officers thought that the woman had only suffered an injury. Shortly thereafter,
though, the woman relayed the entire story, and the defendant’s
photograph was released to the public. The man was arrested just one day
after his picture was publicized through local media outlets.

The defendant in this case is being held without bail. This situation indicates
the seriousness of his alleged crime. A judge in the case decided that
the man should not be released back into the public because of the nature
of the alleged violations. News reports have not indicated when the man
will face additional hearings for entering a plea in the case.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “Man Arrested For Attempted Rape, Robbery & Assault Of 98-Year-Old Woman” Monique Griego, Apr. 30, 2014