Man arrested on DUI charge following Maryland scooter incident

Man arrested on DUI charge following Maryland scooter incident

State police in Maryland claim that a 21-year-old Berlin man was drinking
and driving when he got into a car accident on his motor scooter. The
incident occurred on a recent Monday evening when the young man lost control
of his scooter along Route 589. In the unfortunate accident, the man and
his scooter flew into a ditch on the side of the road.

Fortunately, the man was either not injured seriously or not injured at
all in the crash because there are no reports that he received hospital
treatment. Indeed, responding Maryland State Police officers were able
to take him directly to its police offices in Berlin. There, the man was
charged with driving under the influence relating to his scooter crash.
Fortunately for him, because he is 21 years of age, he narrowly escaped
underage drinking and driving charges.

Officers allege that prior to taking the man into custody, they had him
perform a field sobriety test. Authorities say that his test results were
poor, which prompted their arrest of the man. However, the man did not
submit to taking a Breathalyzer test. Further, it is unknown if authorities
took blood from the man to determine his blood alcohol content.

Whenever a motor vehicle crash occurs and DUI charges are involved, it
is preferable if no other cars, no injuries and no fatalities arose from
the event. Indeed, when a Maryland resident is accused of DUI in a fatal
car accident, he or she could face exceedingly serious charges in court.

This man also avoided being cited for underage drinking and driving, which
police may have charged him with if he was not already 21. In some cases,
underage drinking and driving can come with the threat of even stiffer penalties than normal
drinking and driving, especially if the accused is 18 years of age or
older. Still, no one will be considered guilty until he or she is proved
to be so beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source: WBOC16, “Berlin Man Charged with DUI After Scooter Crash” No author given, May. 13, 2014