Man arrested on weapons charge after gun incident at airport

Man arrested on weapons charge after gun incident at airport

A man is facing weapons charges after he allegedly attempted to take a
firearm through a security checkpoint at a Maryland airport. The man is
accused of attempting to pass through the checkpoint with a .380 Smith
& Wesson handgun, along with 36 rounds of ammunition. The items were
discovered in the man’s items as they were scanned by a checkpoint
X-ray on March 1. The defendant has been arrested on a state weapons charge.

It is not clear whether the defendant is still in custody. He was originally
destined for Atlanta, according to his ticket. Authorities say an investigation
is still ongoing into the matter, and news reports have not given a reason
for the man’s decision to attempt to pass through the checkpoint
with the gun.

Government officials say that passengers are always considered directly
responsible for the items that are found in their packed bags. Transportation
authorities say it is wise to double-check your bags before entering the
airport. Even though this man may not have intended a threat of violence,
a gun was still found in his bag.

Even though someone may not be charged with use of a weapon in such a case,
defendants can still face serious charges for attempting to bring a weapon
onto a plane. Firearms and ammunition are never permitted in carry-on
bags for the general public, but they can be safely transported in checked
baggage if owners follow certain rules. Those who attempt to pass a firearm
through a checkpoint may face criminal charges even if they did not have
nefarious intentions.

Criminal defendants who are facing state or federal weapons charges may
benefit from the assistance of a Maryland defense attorney. These professionals
may be able to explain the regulations surrounding air travel and guns.
A defense attorney may be a valuable asset in a Maryland courtroom.

Source: WBAL TV 11, “TSA: Traveler tries to pass BWI security with gun” Saliqa Khan, Mar. 04, 2014