Man facing drug charges, explosives allegations after home raid

Man facing drug charges, explosives allegations after home raid

A Glen Burnie in man is facing weapons and drug allegations after his home
was raided by federal authorities and investigators from the Anne Arundel
Fire Department. Authorities say that they have found a significant amount
of material that could be used to make bombs inside the 28-year-old man’s
home. The man has been charged with
drug offenses, including possessing drug paraphernalia in connection with the incident,
and he is also accused of making and possessing destructive devices.

Authorities say the search was slow at the man’s house, because they
believed the facility may have been booby-trapped. They say the inspection
could continue for days, as investigators must both catalog evidence and
process the explosive materials for safety. Investigators were clued into
the fact that the man may have had bomb-making materials in his home after
he was treated for injuries at a nearby emergency room. The man had reportedly
suffered from chemical injuries.

The man apparently has a history of drug possession, as he pleaded guilty
to a DUI charge involving drugged driving in 2012. The man’s sentence
in that case was a one-year suspended term. It is not clear whether he
will have been in violation of his terms of release thanks to this most
recent incident. Authorities report that the man is still being held in
the Jennifer Road Detention Center in Annapolis, pending the payment of
a $400,000 bail.

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Source: Baltimore Sun, “Man charged with making bombs in Glen Burnie house” Pamela Wood, Jan. 04, 2014