Maryland campus queen facing drug offenses, other charges

Maryland campus queen facing drug offenses, other charges

A Maryland campus queen is facing several criminal charges, including disruptive
behavior and possession of marijuana. The woman, who had been named Miss
University of Maryland Eastern Shore, was accused of the
drug offenses three days after an arrest for striking an officer. Officers found that
the woman had marijuana on her person when she entered a courthouse in
Princess Anne.

Official reports show that the woman was charged with disruptive conduct
after an encounter with an officer at a homecoming week dance. The woman
was advised to leave a crowded hallway. Several students were crowding
the hallway, which could have caused a safety concern. Instead of vacating
the premises, she shoved her elbow into the officer’s chest. She
was then arrested after yelling at the officer and attempting to run away.
The female officer had placed her hands on the woman’s shoulder
in an attempt to escort her from the campus building.

The drug offenses surfaced after the woman was found with marijuana while
entering a courthouse for a hearing in the disorderly conduct matter.
She could spend up to two months in jail and pay hundreds in court fines
in connection with the disorderly conduct allegations. Her bond in that
case was set at $3,000. News reports show that the woman was also charged
with possession of a controlled and dangerous substance; news reports
have not explained the potential punishment for the new charge.

Even campus royalty can face serious criminal allegations. Any Maryland
student who is facing drug possession charges may benefit from the assistance
of a criminal defense attorney. These professionals may help defendants
learn more about their legal rights and options.

Source: The News Journal, “Campus queen gives up crown after arrest” Deborah Gates, Feb. 28, 2014