Maryland county works to implement underage drinking prevention

Maryland county works to implement underage drinking prevention

Maryland leaders in Frederick County are working toward reducing underage
drinking by implementing a variety of community measures. Representatives
from the police department, health department and other groups have formed
the Frederick County Alcohol Prevention Initiative Coalition, designed
to target those establishments that allow
underage drinking to occur. Officials say that prevention is the key to reducing underage
drinking rates.

Not only can underage drinking lead to teens being involved in the juvenile
law system, it can also cause injuries, underage drinking and driving
accidents and even fatalities. Young drivers may be more dangerous when
intoxicated, said one police representative, largely because the children
do not know how to “handle” alcohol in their bodies. Teens
who engage in underage drinking may end up facing long-term consequences,
along with social and family concerns.

The answer, according to the panel, is increased awareness about the dangers
of alcohol consumption. They plan to improve awareness through educational
presentations. Further, the coalition plans to implement measures that
monitor locations where underage drinkers are most likely to obtain alcohol.
Underage drinking can occur at restaurants and bars, and liquor stores
can also contribute to the deadly phenomenon. By cutting the alcohol off
at the source, officers say they may be able to reduce underage drinking
and its related long-term consequences for youngsters.

Establishments that encourage underage drinking should be held responsible
for this inappropriate action. Underage drinking is everyone’s issue;
from parents to high-school students to restaurant owners. Teens who find
themselves facing allegations of minor consumption of alcohol may benefit
from a consultation with a qualified attorney, who can help them learn
more about their legal rights and options.

Source:, “Officials Form Group to Reduce Underage Drinking” Bejoy Joseph, Jan. 23, 2014