Maryland man could face felony for shooting neighbor’s dog

Maryland man could face felony for shooting neighbor’s dog

A Maryland resident is facing potential felony charges for animal cruelty
after allegedly shooting a neighbor’s dog. The man is not accused of
burglary or breaking and entering in connection with the incident, though he could
face similar penalties if he is formally charged for his role in this
shooting. The defendant in this case said that he shot the dog after it
rushed at him in a threatening manner.

News reports show that the man posed for a “selfie” with the
deceased dog, and he then posted the photograph on Facebook, a popular
social media site. The man had also posted other threats on that site,
indicating that he would shoot the dog if it entered his yard on the day
in question. Now, community members who saw those posts are calling for
the man to be indicted on a felony charge for his involvement in the dog’s
death. They say they are also concerned because the man allegedly discharged
his weapon within close proximity to a daycare, which is operated next
door to his house.

This case is not the first run-in the defendant has had with the law. In
fact, he has faced weapons violations and drug charges in the past. The
man also has a conviction for driving while intoxicated on his record.

It is still not clear whether the man will actually be charged with felony
animal cruelty. However, local residents say that the man should be held
accountable. A petition is even circulating throughout the Maryland town
in an effort to promote legal action in the criminal courts.

Criminal defendants may face a variety of felony charges, including felony
possession of a weapon, robbery and even assault charges. Animal cruelty
may also fall under the felony charge umbrella. Defendants may be able
to learn more about their legal cases by consulting a criminal defense
attorney in Maryland, who can provide them with additional information
about legal strategies that would suit their needs.

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