Men charged with violent crimes after taxi driver death

Men charged with violent crimes after taxi driver death

Two young men are facing serious criminal charges after they allegedly
shot an Annapolis cab driver. The 41-year-old driver was shot while working
on March 12, according to official reports. The 23-year-old and 17-year-old
defendants are accused of violent crimes including first- and second-degree
murder, along with weapons charges and others.

Authorities say that a neighbor found the victim’s vehicle in his
driveway. Inside the vehicle, investigators found blood and identified
signs of a struggle. However, the taxi driver was not in his vehicle.
Instead, his body was found in another location, having been transported
to another driveway up the street in the Crownsville, Maryland, neighborhood.

The two defendants are facing murder charges because of several key pieces
of evidence, according to local officers. Authorities say that they recovered
.45 caliber rounds that resembled those found at the crime scene when
they searched a stolen truck that was also found at the crime scene. Further,
clothing with the victim’s blood was also found in that vehicle.

Officers allege that at least one of the defendants’ fingerprints
were also found inside the victim’s taxi. That evidence pointed
to the younger defendant, who was already in custody because of burglary
charges. He identified his partner, and the older man was arrested shortly
after the incident. News reports do not indicate whether the two men are
still in custody at this time.

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Source: CBS Baltimore, “2 Charged In Murder Of Annapolis Cab Driver Shot On The Job” No author given, Mar. 20, 2014