Nurse gets 60 days in jail after sentencing for sex crimes

Nurse gets 60 days in jail after sentencing for sex crimes

A nurse with licenses to practice in Maryland, Ohio and Pennsylvania has
been sentenced to 60 days in jail after admitting to felony charges. The
man, age 29, reportedly pleaded guilty to
sex offenses in December after an alleged inappropriate encounter with a patient. The
man admitted to sexual imposition and patient abuse after having unsolicited
sexual contact with a female patient who was in labor at an Ohio hospital
in 2012. In addition to the jail term, the man will also be required to
spend two years on probation, and he must surrender his nursing licenses.
The man will be listed on the sex offender registry for a period of 15 years.

The man had reportedly pleaded guilty to allegations that he improperly
touched a patient’s breast during her labor experience. Further,
she claimed that the man placed her hand on his pants in the area of his
penis. Prosecutors accused the man of violating standard protocol by asking
others to leave the room while the woman was experiencing dangerously
low blood pressure. The assault may have occurred during that time.

Defense attorneys said that the woman misinterpreted some of the man’s
professional actions. The man also apologized to the alleged victim in
court, expressing his regret for harming her during the labor process.
His defense team said that the man was a hard-working former resident
of West Baltimore who was able to pursue a nursing career despite growing
up in an impoverished neighborhood. Attorneys said the man accepted the
plea to prevent his family from suffering additional harm; in addition
to the criminal penalties, the man will also have to repay nearly $180,000
in student loans.

Criminal defendants should be informed about their rights before they enter
formal guilty pleas. A Maryland criminal defense attorney may help those
accused of sex crimes learn more about their legal options. Maryland attorneys
may serve as important allies and advocates for those facing sexual assault charges.

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