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Our Blog In Month: July 2017

  • Maryland law seeks expungement for burglary, other felonies

    Maryland politicians are pushing for the approval of a law that would allow people to erase certain elements of their criminal records. Several measures have ...

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  • Pair arrested on weapons charges for bomb, firearm possession

    A man facing weapons charges in connection with incidents in Maryland and North Carolina has now been accused of similar violations in Pennsylvania. Federal prosecutors ...

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  • Maryland tightens domestic violence, protective order laws

    Maryland has expanded legal benefits that make it easier for victims of alleged assault to obtain permanent protective orders. The expansion of existing domestic violence ...

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  • Probation violation for man who smoked weed before meeting?

    Two men were arrested in Worcester County, Maryland, in early February after their companion admitted to smoking marijuana before a probation meeting. The incident, which ...

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  • Secret compartment laws considered in lieu of drug charges

    Most Maryland residents might be surprised that potential legislation in the state would criminalize having a secret compartment in their vehicles. That is right; the ...

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  • Changes could lead to underage drinking during spring break

    Proposed legislation in one of America’s most popular spring break locations has sparked concern throughout several communities. Scores of Maryland students travel to Florida for ...

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  • Tighter protective order rules threaten alleged offenders’ rights

    Several bills that would tighten Maryland’s domestic violence rules are currently under consideration by the legislature. These changes are designed to help victims of domestic ...

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  • Man facing weapons charges for attack on homeless

    A man from Edgewood, Maryland, is facing several criminal charges after allegedly assaulting a homeless man and starting a fire. The 20-year-old defendant was arrested ...

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  • Man arrested on weapons charge after gun incident at airport

    A man is facing weapons charges after he allegedly attempted to take a firearm through a security checkpoint at a Maryland airport. The man is ...

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  • Maryland campus queen facing drug offenses, other charges

    A Maryland campus queen is facing several criminal charges, including disruptive behavior and possession of marijuana. The woman, who had been named Miss University of ...

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