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Our Blog In Month: July 2017

  • Maryland bill would criminalize new types of computer crimes

    A new bill has been introduced in Maryland that would protect online victims from various forms of Internet-related violence. The measure would create specific punishment ...

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  • Maryland legislators consider downgrading drug offenses

    A group of Maryland lawmakers is fighting for residents who have been charged with criminal offenses for possessing small amounts of marijuana. The change would ...

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  • Maryland man could face felony for shooting neighbor’s dog

    A Maryland resident is facing potential felony charges for animal cruelty after allegedly shooting a neighbor’s dog. The man is not accused of burglary or ...

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  • Men charged with violent crimes after taxi driver death

    Two young men are facing serious criminal charges after they allegedly shot an Annapolis cab driver. The 41-year-old driver was shot while working on March ...

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  • Rape by proxy could soon be considered sex crime in Maryland

    Grown out of the Internet age. Also known as cyberstalking, rape by proxy occurs when someone steals a victim’s identity and then uses online resources ...

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  • Nurse gets 60 days in jail after sentencing for sex crimes

    A nurse with licenses to practice in Maryland, Ohio and Pennsylvania has been sentenced to 60 days in jail after admitting to felony charges. The ...

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  • Trainer: Rice’s injury could have led to domestic violence

    Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice is reportedly blaming his recent domestic violence arrest on additional stress caused by injuries he suffered during the National Football ...

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  • Victim’s family pushing for domestic violence awareness

    Family members of a woman who died because of family-related violence are pushing for a designated awareness day in the victim’s honor. Reports show that ...

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  • 19-year-old Maryland man arrested on felony drug charges

    Police in Maryland have arrested a 19-year-old man on drug charges. According to authorities, over $300,000 in cash, guns and drugs were seized during the ...

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  • Woman facing penalties after probation violation

    A Maryland woman has allegedly violated the terms of her probation by visiting a bar from which she had been banned. The woman, from Pomfret, ...

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