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Our Blog In Month: July 2017

  • Cyberbullying a computer crime? Some think so

    Cyberbullying is becoming a topic of concern for Maryland families and others throughout the nation. Until now, though, many of the negative comments that are ...

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  • Domestic violence programs, laws could affect Maryland defendants

    Medical providers on the front lines of patient care are often the first people to come in contact with victims of domestic violence. Now, Maryland ...

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  • Is it child porn? Sex crimes laws in Maryland may say ‘no’

    Maryland residents may be surprised to learn that the state’s definition of child pornography does not necessarily include all nude photographs of children. The revelation ...

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  • Former rock DJ facing probation revocation for recent DUI

    A local celebrity has found himself in trouble with the law again after allegedly violating his probation for a 2012 drunk-driving conviction. The man, known ...

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  • Legislators: Possession of 10 grams of pot not a drug crime

    Maryland’s medical marijuana program has officially been revived, though it appears that patients might have to wait for more than 15 months until they can ...

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  • Nude pics not considered Internet crime, parents cautioned

    Maryland police officers say they have received several complaints about youngsters transmitting revealing images of themselves through social networking sites. Many of the images have ...

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  • Regarded firefighter on leave after alleged DUI crash

    A high-profile firefighter in Maryland’s neighboring jurisdiction of Washington, D.C., is facing serious charges after being arrested for DUI. The man, age 40, serves on ...

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  • Violent crimes conviction won’t lead to death penalty

    A man who was traveling through Maryland when he allegedly killed four people has been convicted by a jury on four counts of first-degree murder. ...

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  • Chris Brown admits to probation violation

    Parole or probation can be like a second chance for those convicted of crimes, but it is important to comply with all of the requirements ...

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  • 1 man and 2 women arrested on robbery charges in Maryland

    Police in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, have taken three individuals into custody on burglary charges. Allegedly, the involvement of a fourth person is suspected, but ...

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