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Our Blog In Month: July 2017

  • Delmarva Shorebirds’ pitcher faces DUI charges

    Last week, a pitcher for the Delmarva Shorebirds was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. The relief pitcher for Maryland’s minor league baseball ...

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  • Court of Appeals of Maryland expands reach of police wiretaps

    A “wiretap” is simply a fancy word for listening in on another person’s conversation on the phone, though the term has since been expanded to ...

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  • Drug charges for paraphernalia but not marijuana?

    Maryland has officially passed a marijuana decriminalization measure, much to the delight of many criminal defense activists. However, a new set of problems have cropped ...

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  • FBI cracks down on computer crimes

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation focused on users of the Blackshades software in a recent crackdown that covered 17 countries, including the United States. The ...

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  • High recidivism rates in region lead to review of DUI rules

    A man from Maryland’s neighboring state of Delaware was just recently arrested for his twelfth drunk driving offense. The man, age 55, has racked up ...

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  • Man arrested on DUI charge following Maryland scooter incident

    State police in Maryland claim that a 21-year-old Berlin man was drinking and driving when he got into a car accident on his motor scooter. ...

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  • Man accused of violent crimes against elderly Maryland woman

    A Maryland man has been arrested in connection with an alleged attempted rape and robbery of an elderly woman in Baltimore County. The defendant, age ...

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  • Maryland doctor to plead guilty to federal drug charges

    A Maryland physician is expected to plead guilty to drug charges after allegations surfaced that he was illegally prescribing high-powered painkillers to his patients. The ...

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  • Man charged with domestic abuse months after toddler’s death

    A Maryland man has been taken into custody after it was determined that his child died because he ingested a deadly cocktail of illegal drugs ...

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  • Maryland swim coach facing sex crimes charges in decades-old case

    A Maryland swim coach is facing serious allegations after a former student came forward about prior sexual abuse. The 53-year-old owner of the Maryland Suburban ...

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