Pair arrested on weapons charges for bomb, firearm possession

Pair arrested on weapons charges for bomb, firearm possession

A man facing weapons charges in connection with incidents in Maryland and
North Carolina has now been accused of similar violations in Pennsylvania.
Federal prosecutors allege that the man, age 43, was arrested on weapons
charges after he allegedly was found in possession of an unregistered
firearm. Further, the man is accused of possessing a firearm and ammunition
as a known fugitive, among other accusations. This is at least the fourth
time that the man has been indicted on federal charges.

The man could face 20 years’ prison time and a half-million dollar
fine if convicted of the crimes. He would also be subject to three years’
time on supervised release and several other penalties.

In addition, a 32-year-old man was charged after being apprehended with
the older man. He is facing accusations of possessing unregistered firearms
and manufacturing and dealing explosive materials. The younger man is
also accused of conspiracy to obstruct justice. That man could receive
a 60-year prison sentence, along with a fine of $1 million and a three-year
supervised release term.

Authorities say that the charges were related to an incident in February
2013 in which about 60 pipe bombs and several improvised explosive devices
were found at a public storage unit in East Whiteland. Those explosives
were destroyed by local professionals. The explosives were apparently
discovered after the older man was arrested for evading after allegedly
attempting to flee officers who were trying to pull him over. An investigation
in that matter led to information about the storage locker. The older
man was on supervised release in connection with other crimes when he
was taken into custody for the weapons charges. The man had been on supervised
release after he was taken into custody on federal charges in connection
with an alleged Ponzi scheme.

These men have been charged with federal crimes, which differ in nature
from state allegations. A qualified defense attorney can help such defendants
learn about the differences between federal and state allegations, providing
them with the information they need to make decisions in their criminal
defense case.

Source: Daily Local, “Two county men stockpiled arms, Feds say” Michael N. Price, Jan. 31, 2014