Regarded firefighter on leave after alleged DUI crash

Regarded firefighter on leave after alleged DUI crash

A high-profile firefighter in Maryland’s neighboring jurisdiction
of Washington, D.C., is facing serious charges after being arrested for
DUI. The man, age 40, serves on the fire truck that is stationed at the
White House when the President travels on Marine One. Those firefighters
respond quickly in case of an emergency that involves the nation’s
leader. Now, the defendant has been placed on leave from that important
position after an alleged
DUI crash on April 6.

Authorities report that the driver smashed into a pole during the early-morning
hours that Sunday. He initially fled from the scene of the crash on foot,
according to investigators. He then allegedly pleaded with the arresting
officer to allow him to return to the firehouse to sleep off his condition.
The defendant did not suffer injury in the crash, and he refused to submit
to a blood alcohol content level test.

Official reports show that a rash of firefighter arrests in the region
has resulted in the issuance of a special order; firefighters are now
required to report any driving-related revocations or arrests, dating
back to 2011. The defendant in this case is not only facing a DUI charge,
but he could also be in trouble with his department. The man had been
arrested in Maryland for drunk driving charges and related violations
in 2007, 2012 and 2013. Since the man did not report those previous arrests,
he could be disciplined by the department in addition to receiving criminal

Criminal defendants who are facing DUI charges for multiple offenses may
have special courtroom needs. Maryland attorneys may provide additional
information about the implications of a third or fourth drunk driving
arrest. These professionals may educate clients about their legal options
in such instances, especially since multiple-violation cases often differ
from those of first-time offenders.

Source: ABC 7, “DC firefighter with high profile assignment arrested for DUI” Jay Korff, Apr. 08, 2014