Teen gets decade in prison for sex crimes against toddler

Teen gets decade in prison for sex crimes against toddler

A Maryland man has received a 10-year sentence for allegations related
to a sex offense in May. The man, age 19, will serve the decade in prison
for a second-degree
sex offense, according to local officials. Experts in the case say that the severe
punishment is largely attributable to the age of the victim.

Official reports show that the man entered a guilty plea for the second-degree
sex offense, along with two other lesser charges and second-degree assault.
All of those charges were merged into the first charge, according to news
reports. The man was accused of assaulting a toddler at a party that was
being hosted by family friends. Sadly, relatives say the little girl is
still suffering the after-effects of the alleged assault; she is far less
affectionate and is noticeably afraid of male physicians, for instance.
The victim’s mother argues that the incident permanently changed
her child.

Still, the woman says she hopes that the defendant might receive rehabilitative
counseling during his incarceration. She said she believes the defendant
is emotionally damaged because he, too, was a victim of child sexual abuse
as a young boy. The defendant also expressed his desire to reform his
ways. A judge in the case further explained his displeasure at the man’s
actions, but he said that taking responsibility for the crime was the
first step toward a brighter future.

Even though a 10-year prison sentence may seem like a long time, the defendant
in this case will be eligible for parole after serving just five years.
After he has served his time, though, the man will be required to register
as a sex offender for the remainder of his natural life, according to
Tier III offender requirements.

This defendant chose to plead guilty to the sex crimes charges, a laudable
action according to the judge in the case. Guilty pleas are appropriate
in some cases, but not all criminal defendants can benefit from this strategy.
Criminal defendants should consult their qualified attorneys before making
major decisions in their own sex crimes cases.