Trainer: Rice’s injury could have led to domestic violence

Trainer: Rice’s injury could have led to domestic violence

Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice is reportedly blaming his recent domestic
violence arrest on additional stress caused by injuries he suffered during
the National Football League season. Official reports show that Rice was
accused of accosting his fiancee at a casino in Atlantic City. Video evidence in the
domestic violence case included shots of Rice dragging the unconscious woman out of an elevator
at that facility. The couple agreed to attend therapy in connection with
the matter, and it does not appear that Rice is continuing to face charges
for his role in the dispute.

It seems that no news is good news for Rice, who had been struggling with
a secret injury and other concerns throughout the football season. Rice’s
trainer argues that his client’s uncharacteristically low 660-yard
rushing year is attributable to a variety of factors, not the least of
which was a nagging hip injury that was not publicized. Rice had led fans
to believe that he was simply fatigued, but it appears that a serious
injury may have plagued him throughout the entire year.

Further, Rice had packed on some pounds, reducing his explosiveness as
a running back. Changes to his weight and training routine may improve
Rice’s prospect for the 2014 season. The man’s trainer said
he was pleased to see that Rice’s performance has improved, even
with the additional emotional impact of the domestic violence incident.

Even top-notch athletes and public figures may get into trouble with the
law because of allegations of physical abuse. In this case, it does not
appear that legal action is pending against Rice; instead, he has decided
to work out his family issues with his fiancee through counseling. It
is important to remember than an arrest for domestic violence does not
mean that the defendant is automatically guilty. A Maryland attorney may
be able to provide additional information about defendants’ legal
rights and options.

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his subpar in 2013 due to hip injury, his trainer says
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