Two men facing felony drug charges for heroin possession

Two men facing felony drug charges for heroin possession

Although we may often think of felony charges in terms of
burglary or breaking and entering, many Maryland residents face felony counts for
a variety of other allegations. Some out-of-state residents may even end
up facing felony drug charges because of their illegal activities conducted
in Maryland. That is what happened with two men who are currently in police
custody after transporting raw heroin across state lines. Both of the
men are accused of felony possession with intent to deliver heroin, along
with several other charges that include conspiracy.

Authorities report that a 38-year-old Pennsylvania man is facing felony
drug charges after he was discovered with several capsules of heroin hidden
in his undergarments. That man was arrested on Jan. 16, along with the
23-year-old driver of a vehicle that was returning to the state. Both
of the men had recently traveled to Baltimore, where they reportedly purchased
more than a dozen capsules of heroin for about $1,000. In all, the 10
grams of raw heroin would likely sell for about $5,000, according to official reports.

The younger man reportedly admitted that he had made at least one additional
trip to Maryland to procure drugs; he told investigators that he was unemployed
and needed the money to pay for his bills. The older man is allegedly
no stranger to the legal system, having spent time behind bars on drug
charges, driving under the influence and assault.

Even though these criminal defendants are accused of committing serious
infractions, they are not automatically considered guilty simply because
they were arrested on drug charges. A criminal defense attorney can help
such defendants learn more about their legal rights, providing them with
the information they need to make critical legal decisions about their
criminal cases.

Source: Altoona Mirror, “Pair facing felony drug charges after suspected trip to Baltimore” Greg Bock, Jan. 17, 2014