Victim’s family pushing for domestic violence awareness

Victim’s family pushing for domestic violence awareness

Family members of a woman who died because of family-related violence are
pushing for a designated awareness day in the victim’s honor. Reports
show that four years have passed since the young woman, a University of
Virginia athlete, died because she was beaten to death by her boyfriend in a
domestic violence incident. Now, instead of turning to revenge against the woman’s ex-partner,
her relatives are trying to reframe the incident in a positive fashion.

The defendant, in this case, was convicted of murdering the victim after
a 2012 criminal proceeding. That man is now serving a decades-long sentence.
It is not clear whether he will be eligible for parole in the future.

The young woman’s family members are pushing for Maryland legislators
to turn May 3 into “National One Love Day,” an awareness effort
designed to improve education about dating violence. This endeavor may
benefit both those who seek protective orders and those whose movements
are restricted by such temporary restraining orders. Victims need to know
how to reach out for help, and potential offenders also need to know their rights.

Relatives say they want to turn the “horrendous” incident into
a positive awareness effort that could help scores of Maryland residents
learn more about their rights when a domestic violence complaint is entered.
Further, the One Love Foundation, founded by the woman’s family,
has created a series of smartphone apps designed to help victims understand
whether they are in an unhealthy relationship. Those efforts have been
accompanied by another campaign about dating violence.

Even though these efforts may be primarily targeted at victims, criminal
defendants may also benefit from learning more about the attributes of
protective orders and other legal mandates. Criminal defendants deserve
to be educated about the implications of such criminal charges. A Maryland
attorney may be able to provide additional information for these defendants.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “Family Wants To Make Date Md. Woman Was Killed By Ex-Boyfriend ‘National
One Love Day’
” Monique Griego, Feb. 18, 2014